Amazing shot.. Watch two snakes dance in the rain | Video

Some people are making fun of bad friends with snakes dancing around each other, but it doesn’t become a fantasy, as a stunning video has gone viral of the moment two snakes dance in the rain.

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a strange video clip documenting two yellow snakes dancing among the trees in the rain, as if there was a song playing in the background that we could not hear.

We have published a video clip of Zoho CEO Sridhar Vimpo, in which he confirmed that he was captured by a mobile camera of a girl named AksUnik in Tenkasi in the village of Tamil Nadu in India.

“Amazing snake dance that happened today during heavy rain here in Tenkasi.. Thanks to AksUnik who caught the clip on her phone while she was out walking,” Vimbo wrote in his tweet.

The video clip left the pioneers of social networking sites in amazement at the fact that there was a dance of snakes between them and each other, and that we can see it now thanks to this clip.


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