“Am I afraid it will start again? Yes”

Unfortunately, there are many incivilities during the summer on the Belgian coast. The heat makes many people lose their heads who often act without thinking and without thinking about the consequences of their actions. New evidence to date, with the mishap that happened to Johan Houthoofd, who offers a stand with trampolines on the beach of Middelkerke.

Tuesday morning, when he had never had a problem in the past four years, he could only see that vandals had torn his four trampolines: “They are all unusable”, he regrets to of our colleagues from Newspaper. The damage is considerable for the manager, who quickly had to find new trampolines to continue to profit from his activity. He finally succeeded by making the rounds of the Decathlon stores in the region.

In the end, Johan had to pay more than 1,000 euros because of this incident. If he was able to count on many people who did not hesitate to come to his aid so that his activity could quickly resume, he is afraid that the vandals will start again: “Am I afraid? Yes, because soon it won’t be worth it anymore. Imagine that I have to buy around twenty trampolines every year? I can’t understand how people can be so mean.”


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