Almost 1,000 new homes without electricity connection in Loire-Atlantique and Vendée

Delivery times that are getting longer and longer. For almost two months, many individuals and professionals in Loire-Atlantique and Vendée are seeing the construction sites of their future apartments, houses or company offices falling further and further behind. The fault is a faulty electrical connection, if not nonexistent.

A strike at Enedis

Since the beginning of October, about fifteen employees Enedis installed on the Rezé site refuse to reorganize their on-call system, deeming the new too restrictive and not sufficiently adapted. These same striking employees are also the only ones able to ensure the connection for the electricity supplier.

Results, nearly 1,000 new homes are still waiting for power, and many construction sites remain blocked. According to Federation of Property Developers of Pays de la Loire, three-quarters of the housing units concerned are also concentrated in the Nantes metropolitan area, where the real estate tension is greatest. Still according to the federation, nearly 20,000 square meters corporate offices are also waiting for light.

A letter to the Prefect

All real estate developers in the region are affected by the problem, since at Enedis, the Rezé site manages a good part of the electricity supply in Loire-Atlantique and Vendée. The prefect of Loire-Atlantique was also questioned about this, and many clients and promoters are starting to get impatient.

“A visit with the light of our phones”

In Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire for example, Henri and his wife learned in mid-November during a visit that the electricity was still not installed in their future apartment. “We had to make the visit with the light of our cell phones“, a shame for this new occupant.”Delivery of the apartment was scheduled for the end of the year. And now we are told January 2022, or even later“.

While waiting for the electrical connection, Henri and his wife remain in their old property, an apartment that they have put up for sale. A situation not necessarily very pleasant, but still more comfortable than for some families, according to Pierre Magimel, deputy general manager of the CISN group, a real estate developer based in Loire-Atlantique. “On some sites, people had already given their notice. In some cases, we even helped store furniture. Families have been able to find solutions, they have extended their stay in their old home, but others find themselves staying with friends or family “.

Reinforcements at Enedis

At Enedis, we apologize for the inconvenience caused and all the inconvenience associated with these delays. The electricity supplier ensures that urgent situations are dealt with as quickly as possible by the services. Discussions are also ongoing with the employees mobilized to try to find a solution and end a strike lasting more than two months.

Enedis is also announcing reinforcements in these teams. At least 5 to 10 people moreover, to give authorizations for the operation of the electricity network and to absorb as quickly as possible the delays accumulated on the sites concerned.

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