Almere Featured | Peiling de Voetnood

Almere Featured |  Peiling de Voetnood

The municipal council is currently conducting research among the population to see if they want to keep the Foot Emergency.

After criticism from the population, the municipality has decided to extend the public opinion poll on the future of the De Voetnoot building. Initially, the poll was supposed to close on September 3. Due to the holidays, many Almeer residents would not be able to participate in the survey.

That is why it has been decided that Almere residents can give their opinion on the future of the cultural breeding ground on Stadhuisplein until September 17.

De Voetnoot is part of the area plans for the Oostkavels. This is the area from the parking lot next to the hospital, along the Stadswetering to the station. Some 2,500 homes are planned in the new neighbourhoods, as well as places to work and cultural facilities.

The municipality wants to investigate the monumental value of De Voetnoot and has therefore asked the Welfare and Heritage Committee for advice. The committee uses various sources for this, including an official report on the building. The experience of the residents of Almeer is also included in this report. In addition to the public poll, there is also a survey among 7000 residents. (This is the link to the poll of the municipality)

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