Almaty police explain video of ‘arrogant arrest’ of suspect: 14 August 2023, 12:12

Almaty police explain video of ‘arrogant arrest’ of suspect: 14 August 2023, 12:12

A video has surfaced on social media showing two unidentified men breaking into a house in Almaty by jumping over a fence. The police commented on the incident, reports.

The author of the publication claims that “unknown people in civilian clothes climbed into his house and started beating his brother, his underage sister.”

The press service of the Almaty Police Department reported that police officers of the Auezov district were investigating a series of thefts of other people’s property committed by a group of people by prior agreement.

During the events, the officers identified a citizen born in 2005, who was hiding from the police.

“During the operational-search activities, a dwelling was established where the attacker was hiding. He was detained. The defendant fully admitted his guilt,” the police said.

According to the department, the criminal case is being investigated under Article 188 of the Criminal Code “Theft”. The stolen property has been seized.

“The identity of the suspect is currently being checked for involvement in other possible criminal episodes. At the same time, we inform you that the information about the beating of the suspect and his relatives is not true. Upon being delivered to the OP, the detainee underwent a medical examination, which ruled out any bodily injuries,” imprisoned by the police.

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