All-round talents convince in Waldkirch – athletics

Ronja Baum and Pascal Speyer strong at the evening sports festival.

(mu). The participants enjoyed the late summer temperatures on Wednesday at the evening sports festival in Waldkirch’s Elztalstadion. Head of department Thomas Fischer was supported by many former athletes from SV Waldkirch in the team of helpers and referees. The all-round talents Ronja Baum and Pascal Speyer from LC Breisgau ensured strong performances. With a headwind of almost one meter per second, Ronja Baum won over 100 meters in the female classes in 13.34 seconds ahead of Stefanie Schwitalla (SV Waldkirch, 13.38) and Saskia Kossmann (SV Freistett, 13.46). Baum achieved another victory in the javelin throw (31.11 meters).

In the women’s long jump, Saskia Kossmann, who made her comeback after a long break from competition, won with a good 5.29 meters. Years ago she was one of the best long jumpers in Baden-Württemberg. Sophia Offenhäuser (SV Waldkirch, 4.53) was successful in the youth U20. Antonia Gommel (SV Waldkirch, 3.87) won the U 18. The largest distance in the women’s shot put was achieved by Nadja Faller (SVW) with 8.89 meters.

In the men’s javelin throw, Jonas Fehrenbach and Alexander Pukas from Waldkirch fought an exciting duel. In the end, all-rounder Fehrenbach was ahead of Pukas (43.03) with 44.10 meters. Before the competition, the winner said: “If I can get to 45 meters, it would be good for me at the moment, because I had to stop training for a few days after the vaccination.” Raphael Hild (SVW, 35.82) came third. Philipp Kern (TG Dielingen) ran single-handedly over 800 meters in 2: 02.31 minutes. In the women’s category, Natascha Hohler (TV Rheinfelden) won in 2: 30.19 minutes. So she just missed her personal record.

The fastest 100-meter runner was 16-year-old Pascal Speyer, who achieved 12.99 seconds in a headwind. He won the shot put with 10.57 meters and the long jump with 5.42 meters.

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