All 26 Killer Trailers Ranked Worst (Dead by Daadlight Tier List)

Hi everyone, today we’re listing all of Dead by Daylight’s deadly trailers. I’m not going to play all the trailers here because many of them contain copyrighted music …


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  1. “I’m not going to play the full trailer because of copyrighted music and such.”
    talks over the trailer anyway and keeps looping it instead of just letting the full trailer play

  2. The All-Kill trailer is probably my absolute favourite and I really enjoyed that they continued that style in the Tome IX trailer as well. I just wish that the cutscenes had been animated like that too…

  3. You can tell Bhvr went hardcore into the production value of DIO's chapter trailer and just about anytging regarding All-Kill…..I just realized I called Trickster DIO again…..I need to stop that lol.

  4. I think Demo's should be alot higher then it was. Sure it wasnt all that much shown in it but just with how popular of a character demo is and the graphic quality of the trailer, even giving us a view of multiple security camera screens . I think he shouldve been at #2 imo

  5. i’ve never actually seen some of these trailers, because i started playing fairly recently, in terms of the game’s lifetime. and when you start playing on console, you get a few killers for free so i never cared to see if those free killers even had trailers.

  6. Here’s an idea.
    Tier list based on how powered by the entity each killer is. From being nerfed, to having minor power boosts, to having large amounts of their power from Entity.

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