“Alip and Chistyakov do not correspond to the level of a champion team. Zenit conceded under 30 goals in the RPL, but what would happen in the Champions League? , reports Gennady Orlov – Football

Gennady Orlov believes that the defenders of “Zenith” do not correspond to the level of the team.

The commentator summed up the match with Spartak in the 29th round RPL (1:1).

«Zenith» surpassed the opponent in the center of the field. But the Petersburgers have a different problem. Goalkeeper. Young goalkeeper Odoevsky missed the near corner. Well, what can I say…

Moving on, central defenders. With all due respect to Alip and Chistyakov, they, alas, do not correspond to the level of the champion team.

Can you imagine what would happen if Zenit played in the Champions League? Blue-white-blue conceded under 30 goals (27 – ed.) for the championship. Lot!” Orlov said.

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