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Alicia Machado and her new girlfriend at La Casa de los Famosos

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Alicia machado became the resounding winner of the recent edition of ‘La casa de los Famosos’, where she competed against celebrities such as Pablo Montero, Manelyk González and Kelvin Renteria. The Venezuelan took first place after gathering a large number of votes from the international public.

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However, despite the fights, lack of control and strong character that the actress starred in the competition, more than one noticed the little love story she had with one of her classmates, named Roberto Romano. The former Miss Universe did not leave this link in reality and decided to give herself a new opportunity with the celebrity in real life.

According to the confirmation he made in an interview with the Reform Agency, and which was quoted by the Los Angeles Times, he is currently enjoying a romantic relationship with the 32-year-old model, who is 12 years younger than her. The Mexican was involved in some controversy after flirting with Kimberly Flores.

My love life is fine. Roberto and I do have a relationship right now. We are very happy to have come out of such a successful show and to have met us in there, ”said the ex-queen in an interview with the media.

Despite the fact that joy abounds in their lives, Machado emphasized that she was publicly overexposed for 13 weeks, so she is enjoying her love life in private. In this dialogue, Alicia talked about her daughter Dinorah and Romano’s relationship, who at first did not get along and had to talk to solve the problems.

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“After the gala, Roberto and Dinorah spoke. Roberto has been very nice with her. We went to eat, they talked. The girl has understood that some things were manipulated. She is my daughter, but she also respects my life“Said the Venezuelan, since the attitude that the actor had with her in reality was criticized a lot.

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