Alicante Red Cross activates the special device due to the high temperatures this Monday | Radio Alicante | Present

The province of Alicante is this Monday on a red alert on the south coast and orange on the north coast and inland, due to maximum temperatures that will exceed 40 degrees and the Red Cross has mobilized its volunteers to serve the most vulnerable people, especially the homeless or the elderly who live alone.

In Hoy por hoy Alicante, Fedra Molina, nurse of the Red Cross health plan in Alicante, explained that the NGO attends every day to 200 homeless people in the city, to whom throughout the day they have distributed water and recommended that they be shelter in the shade.

As for the elderly, the Red Cross does a telephone follow-up to check if they are well and remind them, among other things, of the need to drink water despite not being thirsty.

The device also pays special attention to people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, diabetes, overweight or mentally ill, as they may not remember to drink water or “not be able to detect signs of heat stroke.”

Among the symptoms, some physical such as red and hot skin, fever, dizziness or nausea. And even confusion or altered breathing, explains Molina, who recommends calling 112 if someone does not have the tools to stop this episode or does not improve with hydration.

Sanitat recommendations

For her part, from the Ministry of Health, the Minister Ana Barceló, working this Monday in Alicante, has also asked citizens to take into account high temperatures and avoid going out to the street or exposing themselves to the sun, as well as drinks alcoholic or large meals.

Statements by Barceló after presiding over the joint meeting between the Ministry of Health, the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche and the Alicante Provincial Council to address the situation of associate professors who share teaching with clinical practice in university hospitals in the province of Alicante.

At the top of the news you can listen to the full interview with Fedra Molina, from the Red Cross, in Hoy por hoy Alicante.

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