ALERT His Eminence Calinic, Archbishop of Suceava and Radauti, has COVID-19: His predecessor, His Eminence Pimen, died of the virus – News by sources

New terrible news hits the Romanian Orthodox Church! After His Eminence Pimen, the former Archbishop of Suceava and Radauti, died infected with SARS-VOC-2 in May 2020, he was succeeded by the Archbishop, and His Eminence Calinic also contracted the terrible virus.

His Eminence Calinic, Archbishop of Suceava and Radauti, became infected with COVID-19. It seems that he got the virus from one of his counselors, Father David, who, unfortunately, is in a serious condition, being hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit.

His Eminence Calinic has a mild form of COVID-19, according to sources among the Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti. The Archbishop of Suceava and Radauti, aged 64, refused to go to the hospital and was treated in his cell.

The counselor of the high prelate was transferred on Wednesday from Suceava to Iași, at the request of the family. The patient’s condition worsened and on Tuesday he had to be transferred to Intensive Care and intubated. The counselor is domiciled in Iasi and the family requested the transfer to the Infectious Diseases Hospital “Saint Pious Parascheva” in Iasi. An available seat at this hospital was found on Wednesday and the intubated patient was transferred by a SMURD intensive care ambulance.


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