Alert for the deterioration of the health of the opposition leader Lesther Alemán

(CNN Español) — The Nicaraguan University Alliance (AUN) alerted the national and international community about the “deterioration of the physical health and current psychological condition of the youth leader Lesther Alemán.”

In a statement published this Thursday in their social networks, the AUN affirms that “the condition of Lesther Alemán is serious and worrying as a result of intense interrogations, psychological torture and the almost non-existent communication with his relatives and lawyers.”

Alemán has been in custody since July 5. The Nicaraguan Public Ministry accused him of alleged “undermining national integrity,” charges that he rejects.

A person close to Lesther Alemán, who knows his situation closely, told CNN that he was extremely thin and dehydrated. Alemán told this source that they limit his food.

At times, according to the source, the student leader could not stand up, he was out of position and staring blankly during a hearing held this Thursday at the El Chipote prison.

STILL demands that his human rights be respected, that he be given medical and psychological care and that his life and integrity be respected.

Alemán: In Nicaragua, jail or death to those who protest 6:33

CNN tried to obtain a reaction to this complaint from the Ministry of the Interior, through the Communication and Citizenship Council, but we are still waiting for a response. We have also sent text messages to the Communication and Citizenship Council and we are still waiting for a response.

On September 2, the Prosecutor’s Office reported that it formally accused Alemán of conspiracy against national integrity, according to a statement.

Alemán and Max Jérez, leaders of the Nicaraguan University Alliance, are being investigated as the alleged leaders of the seizure and destruction of two university campuses in Managua, and for crimes they committed during the 2018 protests, which the government describes as a failed attempt coup.

Lesther Aleman rejected any participation in actions against the sovereignty in a video recorded prior to his capture.

Government of Nicaragua must respect freedom of expression 2:13

“In which I do insist: I am not a traitor to the country, I have never done anything against Nicaraguans. Nor am I guilty of a crime that is imputed to me, I have not resorted to any strategy of violence; I have not acted outside the framework either. legal, that’s why I’m clean, they would have me as an ornament on the jail scene, “Aleman said.

In a video posted on September 6 on your Twitter account, the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) denounced that more than 35 opponents who remain in the El Chipote prison have been victims of physical torture.

In a resolution published on Thursday, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights demanded that the State release Lesther Alemán, other detainees and apply the necessary measures to protect their life, liberty and integrity.

The State of Nicaragua has not officially ruled on this resolution.

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