Alert! Acute Kidney Failure in Children, These Causes, Signs, Symptoms and How To Prevent

DIY NEWS – Alert fail kidney can also be affected by childchildwatch reason, mark symptomsand cara prevention occurrence of this illness.

Fail kidney generally experienced by people maturebut does not rule out the possibility that it can also be experienced by childchild. As parents, need to know reason, mark symptomsand cara prevention this pain.

Fail kidney acute can occur quickly and endanger the life of the sufferer, including childchild because kidney unable to function optimally.

Kidneys are organs that are important for the body besides the heart, brain, and liver because they function as blood detoxifiers, filter waste, maintain mineral content in the blood, regulate blood pressure and red blood cell production.

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Reported, disturbance kidney on child divided into two reason that is congenital from birth and infection.

Disturbance kidney Congenital births are generally characterized by deformities kidney and urinary tract.

Disturbance kidney reason infection usually the result infection urinary tract and inflammation kidney as a result of various processes that are not infection.

While the disturbance kidney also divided into two types, namely disturbance kidney acute and chronic.


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