Al-Ahly resorts to the State Cases Authority to resolve the file of Ameri Farouk

Today, Monday, Al-Ahly Club addressed the esteemed State Affairs Authority, requesting the minutes of the general assembly meeting to elect the new board of directors and to resolve the file of Amri Farouk’s victory as Vice President.

The Egyptian Olympic Committee had approved the results of the recent Al-Ahly elections, with Mahmoud Al-Khatib’s list winning, who was elected president of Al-Ahly in a new period, but the election of Al-Amri Farouk was not approved.

The past few days witnessed several letters from Al-Ahly to the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic Committee in order to resolve the matter and adopt the election result regarding the position of Vice President, for which only Amri Farouk was nominated.

On Monday, Al-Ahly’s official website stated the following:

This morning, the club sent a letter to the esteemed State Issues Authority, requesting the minutes of the general assembly meeting to elect the new board of directors, which took place last Friday, and the club has not received it to date, which includes the formation of the board of directors for the 2021-2025 electoral cycle in the categories of his various positions (Chairman – Vice President – Treasurer – Members over the age – Members under the age).

This is according to the announcement kindly made by the venerable Counsellor, Chairman of the Judicial Committee, after the screening process was completed. It was stated in the announcement that the approval of Amiri Farouk for the position of Vice President was presented by acclamation, with the approval of more than 25% of the attendees.

Which confirms that the request to present the candidate’s order to the general assembly a second time is surprising and surprising, especially since it was already presented through the approved and sealed voting form from the administrative authority, in which the name of Amri Farouk was included to approve his victory by acclamation, and he received a percentage of support from the club’s members It exceeded 94% of the attendance.

This is to raise the authority of the General Assembly, and to preserve the stability of the Al-Ahly Club institution, which works wholeheartedly for the interest of the country.



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