Akon: “Rich people have a harder time than poor”

50 Cent and Akon have one thing in common: Both musicians commented on the sudden death of “The Wire” actor Michael K. Williams. And both of them got into a shit storm. While Fifty had used death as a promo for his own series, Akon was tempted to make a somewhat questionable statement in the course of this.

Akon in the TMZ interview about the problems of rich people

In a short interview that yesterday on the YouTube-Kanal Boulevardmagazins TMZ has appeared, Akon (now on Apple Music Stream) asked about Michael K. Williams. The 54-year-old at the time of his death is currently involved in one Heroin overdose died.

Akon first explains that the actor was a good friend of his. Williams, like many other celebrities, would have had many problems and complaints privately. What makes his death all the more tragic for the singer is the fact that the two have not seen each other since the beginning of the corona pandemic. He concludes that one should check on his friends at all times as most people have their secret complaints. According to Akon, it would be the rich and famous who would have the most such problems:

“We put on a facade of success, but behind it so much happens. Famous and rich people struggle with more problems than poor people. Do you know the saying ‘More money, more problems’? It’s really like that. It’s really like that, well we have to control each other to make sure everyone is healthy. “

(“We put on this facade of success but yet behind the face there’s so much happening. The famous and the rich go through more issues than the poor. You know when they say ‘more money, more problems’? That’s a real thing. It’s a real thing, so we gotta check up on each other and make sure everybody’s sound.“)

You can watch the full interview here:

Video of Akon On Michael K Williams, Famous and Rich Have Tougher Time Than Poor | TMZ

At the end of the interview, Akon also made a recommendation to people struggling with drug addiction. So it is best for them to find another way to cope with their problems. He himself would face the challenges his life poses at any time, otherwise they would haunt you.

The Twitter reactions to Akon’s statement

The Twitter community is far from enthusiastic about Akon’s views. Although his advice on how to get out of drug addiction seems rather clumsy, it is above all his statement about the problems of rich people that is met with incomprehension. Here are a few sample tweets:

Akon’s last high-profile statement was received much more positively. There he commented on the way Eminem works:

Rap as a 9-to-5 job: Akon on Eminem’s studio routine

Eminem is obviously a fan of clear processes: Akon once chatted (now streaming on Apple Music) in an interview about how it works with Slim Shady. His insights into past studio sessions with Em are currently enjoying great popularity again on TikTok.


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