Akatieva flashed a triple axel in Krasnoyarsk: video of the victorious rental

At the stage of the Junior Grand Prix in Krasnoyarsk, short programs were held for girls

Information about the ultra-si element performed by the figure skater of the group Eteri Tutberidze is already taken for granted. This time, Sofia Akatieva “surprised” everyone, who won the short program of the Junior Grand Prix in Krasnoyarsk by a wide margin. MK-Sport will tell you how it happened.

The fourth stage of the Junior Grand Prix is ​​taking place in Krasnoyarsk. On Friday, girls performed their short programs, among whom she performed her number brighter and most technically Sofia Akatieva… More than 8 points student group Eteri Tutberidze outstripped the nearest pursuer Elizaveta Kulikov.

Akatieva skates short under Smiles for Y and Clouds, The Mind on the (Re) Wind by Ezio Bosso. In Krasnoyarsk, Sophia jumped a cascade of a triple axel and a triple toe loop, and the skater also performed a double axel and a triple flip cleanly. This was enough to get 75.89 and become the first.

“I am very glad that I managed to perform at the first junior stage of the Grand Prix! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I am also glad that it turned out to be a triple axel: a lot of work was done on it after the test runs. I was a little worried, but I was able to overcome this fear “– Akatieva admitted Sport24.ru after the rental.

According to the skater, she has almost reached her optimal shape – you need to work to the peak. Who knows how Akatieva will surprise us in the free program, which the girls in Krasnoyarsk have planned for tomorrow, September 18th.

Junior Grand Prix, 4th stage.

Krasnoyarsk (Russia)

Junior short program:

1.Sophia Akatieva (Russia) – 75.89

2. Elizaveta Kulikova (Russia) – 67.08

3. Anastasia Zinina (Russia) – 67.02

4. Elizaveta Berestovskaya (Russia) – 64.91

5. Varvara Kisel (Belarus) – 63.66

6.Sophia Samodelkina (Russia) – 60.76

7. Keith Wang (USA) – 59.26 …

8.Anna la Porta (Switzerland) – 53.55

9. Leah Pereira (Canada) – 53.51

10.Marine Pierce (USA) – 51.63 …

13.Victoria Yushchenkova (Israel) – 42.26



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