Ajayi: I expect Al-Ahly to win the African title by 100%

Junior Ajayi, the former Al-Ahly star and the current Libyan victory, revealed that he is still in contact with the players of the Red Castle after his departure, stressing that the team is able to crown the African Champions League title for the third time in a row.

Ajayi said in statements to Al-Hayat channel: “In the beginning, I am fine and I have regained my level since my injury in Egypt, and I have fully recovered and am training with full force.”

He added, “My contract extends for six months with Al-Nasr, and I do not think about the future, because it is in the hands of God, and I hope to reach the best level in football.”

He continued, “Certainly I followed Al-Ahly’s matches in Africa until they qualified for the final. I follow it closely and talk to some players via Instagram, and I communicate with Diang, Tao and Amr Al-Sulayya.

He continued, “Al-Ahly always plays strongly inside and outside its land, and I know that it will compete strongly for the African title, and it is a distinguished and wonderful team.”

He continued, “I expect Al-Ahly to win the title for the third time in a row, to write a new history, a team that used to win and is 100% sure that Al-Ahly will win the championship.”

Regarding the reality of Zamalek’s offer, Ajayi said: “These are just rumours. My focus now is with Al-Nasr and I am trying to qualify for the African Champions League with my team, and in the future I will discuss the available offers.”

He pointed out: “Zamalek or any other club did not talk to me, and no one contacted me, and this is just talk.”

He added, “There are some things that we do not decide, God is the one who decides. I do not know whether I will play in Zamalek or not. Nothing is impossible and I will decide what is best for me. All I want is to play at the best level and the best championships, and nothing is in my hands.”

Regarding Al-Ahly’s decline locally, the Nigerian player confirmed, saying: “I think the reason is stress. They have played a large number of matches and there is a lot of pressure because the players are not allowed to lose any points, but I trust their return and Al-Ahly can return to the competition.”

He explained: “Percy Tau and Miccesoni are great players, and I think they need some time to adapt more strongly to the team, but they have good capabilities and potential, and I think they will be among the best players in Egypt and Africa.”

On the reason for his departure from Al-Ahly, Ajayi said: “I left because it was time to leave and I spent 5 good years and I am proud of what I achieved with the team. It is normal for players to continue and others leave, and I left the club well and was put on the waiting list, and this happens anywhere in the world.”

And about his celebration in the manner of Moamen Zakaria and his opinion of what Mohamed Salah did with him, he added: “I certainly watched the video of Salah and Moamen in the FA Cup final, and I saw happiness in the eyes of a believer.”

And he continued: “What Salah did is great and wonderful. Moamen Zakaria is one of the players who stood by me, and for this I celebrate in his way and he supported and encouraged me. He is a wonderful and very kind person, and we played for many years together.”

Regarding the team closest to winning the Egyptian League title this season, Ajayi said: “The league will be decided at the end of the season, and I will be happy if Al-Ahly wins the championship, as I was a player in it.”


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