AIS joins hands with Wisesite to honor people in the e-sports industry, announcing the Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards

AIS joins hands with Wisesite to honor people in the e-sports industry, continuously announcing the Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards, reinforcing the mission to create an ecosystem Support Thai e-sports To be a leader in the global stage AIS continues to reinforce its leadership in promoting Thai e-sports industry continuously, including

Establish a digital infrastructure for maximum efficiency in connecting and playing e-sports games Ready to be a medium to support the Thai e-sports industry to have a platform to compete which from the situation of COVID-19 In the past, it was found that gamers have come to create a variety of content, especially in 2021, it was found that Thailand has 32 million gamers in order to respond to the trend of such an industry that has grown exponentially. and emphasizes the continued support of the e-sports ecosystem Recently, in collaboration with Wisesite, the number 1 social data analytics service provider in Thailand, announces the 2nd Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards to jointly recognize and Inspiring the best social media performers in gaming and esports over the past year. This special is considered the largest gaming and e-sports awards event in Thailand that gathers the most outstanding creators in the gaming and e-sports industry, which is an important cog. To build the Thai e-sports industry to be accepted both nationally and internationally

Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards
Ms. Rungthip Jarusiripipat Managing Director of AIS Entertainment and Content Business Alliance

Ms. Rungthip Jarusiripipat Managing Director of AIS entertainment and content business alliance said, “AIS sees the growth opportunity of e-sports in Thailand. therefore continue to develop e-sports The ecosystem continues to come. through development from the personnel level signal network to the core of building

Community for gamers with spaces to practice empowering skills. both organizing tournaments Competing in various programs Creating the first eSports hub community in ASEAN, AIS eSports STUDIO, as well as working with Wisesite to create communication standards in the e-sports industry on social media, which today gamers Not just competitors or athletes. It is also a content creator that creates a community and inspires the new generation. It is also considered a cog in the country’s development towards a digital economy through the e-sports industry.

with such importance Therefore, we have collaborated with Wisesite to organize the Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards since the year 2020, announcing social awards for the e-sports industry in various fields in Thailand to collectively praise e-sports athletes and players. Relevant performers who perform well are inspired to create results as well as motivate new athletes to develop themselves, all of which are important drivers in creating an ecosystem in the Thai esports industry. for stability”

Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards
Mr. Kla Tangsuwan, Chief Executive Officer, Vicesite (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Kla Tangsuwan, Chief Executive Officer of Vicesite (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “We are excited every time we work with AIS. In the past, Wisesite has developed GAMING METRIC to measure performance on social media. gaming and e-sports media To join together to honor athletes and those involved in creating new standards and raising the ecosystem of this industry to create creativity, have excellent empirical performance and be recognized both nationally and internationally. international level”

Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards

For Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards 2021 is considered one of the important events in the Thai e-sports industry because it will announce awards to honor this group of athletes who have performed well and are recognized by athletes in the same industry, including social media. The criteria for judging that Wisesite has based on two main criteria that are important: 1.Brand Metric or the popularity of various games. On social media by collecting data from all 4 channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and 2.Influencer Metric measures the abilities of game creators, game casters, e-sports athletes. Collecting data from all 5 channels, namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch, through a total of 7 measurements as follows:

  1. Measure the amount of target audience and followers (Fans Base)
  2. Measure the ability to influence (Intention)
  3. Measure the level of content recommendations to friends or acquaintances. (Recommendation)
  4. measure efficiency or interest in the content (Interaction)
  5. Measure your followers’ interest in your content (View).
  6. Measure the level of content distribution through the amount of social media shares (Share)
  7. Measure the amount of talks about game creators, gamecasters, athletes, e-sports, games from social media (Social Voice).

The award announcement was also honored by experts in the e-sports industry. and social media such as Kritsada Sukhowatthanakit from, Khun Saroj Laohasiri from Bluebik Group, Ms. Sakkaphon Swakkhaphan NEX Studio and Ms. Kitiwut Pimpahu, Vice President of the E-Sports Association of Thailand, etc., as an advisory committee to consider the award There are 32 awards in this award, divided into 6 categories:

Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards
  1. The Most Popular Game Publisher, 13 prizes
  2. The Most Popular Game Creator, 2 prizes
  3. The Most Popular E-Sport Player And E-Sport Club 9 prizes
  4. The Most Popular Game Creator by Platform, 2 prizes
  5. The Most Popular Game Devices & Gadgets, 5 prizes
  6. 1 Special Award

“Announcing the award It is another opportunity to create new standards in the Thai e-sports industry, such as professional development, such as digital content, to become concrete. To give Thai youth and gamers a creative space Practice your skills and showcase your e-sports talent. which will lead to a license to become an athlete Professional esports that can create both reputation and income for themselves that today has been accepted internationally. Moreover, today e-sports is another important cog in driving and driving the country’s digital economy to grow strong and sustainably,” said Ms. Rungthip.

Stay tuned for more details about the results of the Thailand Zocial AIS Gaming Awards 2021 at


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