Air – Questioning the world CP – CE1- CE2 – Cycle 2 – Is air matter?

#air #nationlearning #education #school When we think of air, several questions arise: does air exist? Can we catch the air? What is air for? Is air matter? This video will answer some of these questions. It is adapted for the cycle 2 program (CP, CE1, CE2) and tries to show the existence and materiality of air through experiments that can be carried out at home. Although air is invisible, students may realize that air takes up space (in an inflated balloon) and can be transported. The pupils also observe that the air acts on other objects. In order to realize the presence of static air, I suggest putting a glass at the bottom of the water with the opening down and a handkerchief at the bottom. The fact that the handkerchief stays dry shows that water does not touch it due to the presence of air. Quiz: Find all of Master Lucas’ videos by visiting his site: My advice: obviously, this video will not replace all the experiments that can be done easily at home. Do not hesitate to do the ones I suggest and many others are available on the Internet, especially on air transfer. Knowledge will remain much better anchored after handling. Competence: – Existence, effect and some properties of air (materiality). Who is this video for: Level: CP – CE1 Subject: discovery of the world CP, questioning the world CP, discovery of the world CE1, questioning the world CE1, Locate a place on a map Course: questioning the world, discovery of the world , questioning the living world Master Lucas has been a teacher for many years. He has taught at all levels of preschool and elementary school in Europe and the United States. He also obtained a teaching award in New York. Today, he takes care of teacher training but is always available to offer new videos to his subscribers ­čÖé

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