Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration, Weapon Stores Across the US Overload …


WASHINGTON Appointment of President selected United States of America (AS) Joe Biden will take place January 20, 2021. As America prepares for chaos ahead of Biden’s inauguration, gun shops across the country are already unable to keep up with consumer demand.

For shop owners, this outrageous demand for weapons was a disturbing trend.

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Shop owners across the country say they can’t keep up with demand, everywhere outlet-outlet was running out of ammo and weapons were running low.

One shop owner told local media in Texas that he was desperately trying to recruit staff to keep up with demand and gloomily predicted the situation could continue for the next 24 months.

Weapon security expert Stephen Gutowski mem-posting a sign outside her local Virginia shop that said; “Basically no ammunition available”.

He said there was still a line of people outside the shop and inside not a single pump gun was available.

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