‘Age 50, must come back’; Viral video of actress Kanaka

South Indian actress Kanaka has expressed her desire to return to the film world. Kanaka expressed her desire in a selfie video. Kanaka wants to be the audience’s favorite again and wants to be seen as a friend. The media has reported Kanaka’s death several times and the actress herself has denied it directly. Kanaka’s video, which came out after a gap of two to three years, is going viral on social media.

To the words of Kanaka

‘It’s been over 30 years since I started acting. Everything about me is outdated. I am now almost 50 years old. Times have changed a lot and I have to learn everything new. Makeup, hairstyle, dressing, shoes, jewelry, talking and laughing have all changed a lot. The new generation may say that I am obsolete if I do what I used to do. Only what has happened in a decade can be said to be new. In the meantime, I have never acted in a movie because of some personal issues. At this age I want to learn everything new and update myself.

Just like learning at a young age, you can’t learn at an early age. Sometimes it can take a long time. I think you can learn anything quickly if you have the desire in mind. If not, you will study hard. Even though I have not learned anything yet, no one will ask me why I am not studying. Some may ask, ‘Did I regain consciousness in old age?’

Yet I want a lot to be a friend with everyone. I am happy to be a friend who plays with you and advises you. Feel free to let me know the criticism about whatever I do. I will take your criticism as an inspiration and try to improve again. Everyone wants us to do our job beautifully and beautifully. ‘

The name Kanaka may not have been forgotten by any Malayalee. Kanaka, who was active in the world of Tamil cinema along with famous Malayalam actors like Mammootty, Mohanlal and Mukesh, soon disappeared from the limelight. The actress last appeared in the 2000 Malayalam film Ee Mazha Thenmazha.

Kanaka, who has been away from the film industry for over 20 years, has been the subject of much controversy on social media. Some of them said that Kanaka had cancer and the actress died. The property dispute between Kanaka and her father was also controversial. Kanaka had openly said that her father was portraying her as mentally ill and was trying to keep her mother away from him. The actress ‘new video has come to an end to the fans’ inquiries about what happened to Kanaka later.



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