Agáta Hanychová in her element: This is how she accounts with Prachař!

Agáta Prachařová is single again and can afford to tell the truth about some aspects of a failed marriage with Jakub Prachař. How does she charge with him these days?

Agáta Haynchová recently finally formally tightened the divorce with Jakub Prachař, but their marriage didn’t work anymore. The house in Suchdol, Prague, has been left with a double mother and children, which they are already adapting to their taste.

“According to Jakub, it was a lot and I had a problem with it at the beginning. He chose the seat, he chose the kitchen, I wasn’t allowed to talk too much, “she complained only now the web with the fact that now, of course, it is after her.

The moderator and former model has been commissioned again and hopes that soon she will not remind her of her ex-husband. “Perhaps Jakub’s spirit will leave when I paint it here, then I’ll stay here. We’ll see, “she confided.

“There were no photos of children here, because Jakub doesn’t like it. So when he moved out, I filled all the walls with photos of children. Such are the protests that people make. Now I calmed down, I took them off and left only one, “added Hanychová.

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