“Against rivals like Madrid you have to do something else”

The Italian Simone Inzaghi, coach of the Inter de Milan, lamented the defeat of his team against the Real Madrid (2-0) in a match in which, he considered, they played “well until minute 60”, when the expulsion of Nicolò Barella, but in which they lacked “doing something else.”

“This is what I asked my players to do, something else. We played very well until the red card. We created a lot of opportunities, we had 13 shots in the first half … we would have had to hit a little more because we went into halftime with a disadvantage, which did not reflect what was seen on the court. But with rivals like him Madrid Should we do more. In both games we have played very well, but in the end it has been like that ”, he analyzed at a press conference.

Next, Inzaghi commented on the action of the expulsion of Stretcher: “Nicolò He made a serious mistake, but was immediately aware of it. He apologized immediately. I think he played very well for 60 minutes, but in the end he didn’t score a good chance he got and then he did what he did… his red card affected us a lot in the last 30 minutes. I had just made my changes and it is difficult to play under those conditions. It made it very difficult for us, ”he said.

“I think his gesture was a reaction. His gesture was a mild reaction and according to the regulations the red card was fair ”, he completed.

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