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After the match: Malmö-Rögle 3-4 after extra time

by drbyos

Rögle turned 1-3 into a 4-3 victory in Malmö Arena on Thursday. Rögle thus took his second straight derby victory this season.

Rögle continues to pick up points in the SHL. The team’s scoring suite is now 16 matches long after the debut victory against Malmö. Adam Tambellini became the big match winner when he decided the meeting in Malmö Arena after 2:54 of the extra time since he was home alone in front of Malmö’s goalkeeper Oscar Alsenfelst.

– I do not like our start to the match, we are very pushed back and the execution is not really there. But we fight back and are effective and manage to take two points in overtime, says coach Cam Abbott after the match.

Ludvig Larsson scored his sixth and seventh goals of the season. Dennis Everberg also scored in the match. Christoffer Rifalk made 21 saves.

Malmö had 3-2 with them into the third period, but after only 1:41 came 3-3 through Everberg who shaved in a return from Oskar Stål-Lyrenäs shot.

– We are fighting out there, it is a derby with a lot of emotions involved and good pressure on the stands. It will be a little different match picture socks. I thought that Malmö started better in both the first and second, but we are working our way into it, says Ludvig Larsson.

The derby was the fifth in a row that ended with a challenge victory for one of the teams.

Malmö opened the match best and was also the one who gained momentum on the goal scorer in the match. After 5:09, Eric Engstrand was able to steer a puck in front of Rifalk to 1-0, a goal that was only approved after video evaluation. Malmö had bids for more in the first period and missed, among other things, two free positions; Carl Söderberg was stopped by Rifalk, while Johan Olofsson shot outside.

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Rögle’s equalizer puck came with 28 seconds left of the first period. In games in numerical superiority, Larsson found the right via a Malmö player from the right technical circle until 1-1 and his first goal of the match.

– There were a few seconds left so I thought of throwing it in on the far side. I was lucky that it bounced on their back and in, says Larsson.

The middle period was 7:10 old when Malmö took back the lead. Brady Ferguson missed a free kick for Rögle and just seconds later, after a quick turnaround, Malmö’s Carl Persson ended up alone and outsmarted Rifalk. The home team increased to 3-1 with 9:42 left. Once again, Malmö turned the game around quickly and Ponthus Westerholm put the puck with a wrist shot.

Rögle then picked out the team morale that gave points during the autumn. The green and whites crawled closer with 7:32 left of the period, again through Larsson who made his second in the match. Linus Sjödin sent in the puck from the edge and in front of goal Larsson controlled it over the goal line to 3-2.

– I come in from the booth and get a two-on-one with Linus (Sjödin). He throws it in and it bounces everywhere before it ends up in the goal. That was an important goal for us, says Larsson.

The next match for Rögle’s part will be played on Saturday at home against Leksand (15:15).

Note that …Ög Rögle missed William Wallinder (awkward) and Éric Gélinas who had not yet arrived in Sweden… Samuel Johannesson was back in action after illness…

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