After the injuries of the summer, the Guadeloupe volleyball player Bultor intends to green again with Tourcoing

Summer 2022? Rotten ! These are his words. Guadeloupean volleyball player Daryl Bultor has had two major back injuries. Result: deprived of the France team. Big setback for the 2021 Olympic champion. Treated, he returns to the fight with his club Tourcoing in a still central role.

No more sound. No pictures. Since last May, Daryl Bultor had disappeared from the radar screens of French volleyball. Blame it on nasty repeated injuries. Funny birthday. A year earlier, the Guadeloupean volleyball player became Olympic champion with the France team. “People still talk to me about it today. Thirteen months after the final against the Russians. It’s nice.” Except Daryl insists on looking straight ahead. “The life of an athlete is a constant questioning. So I try to stay focused on what is going to happen. Not on what happened.”

Beginning of May. The international season has only just begun. Daryl Bultor has just found the France team. “In training, I tore my latissimus dorsi. Eight weeks of treatment began to get back to the top.” A short but playable delay. The Guadeloupean thinks he is 100% for the World Cup at the end of August in Slovenia. “I was fine. No more pain felt. Except that after two days of preparation with the Blues, I’m in pain again. I think it’s linked to an intensive recovery. But an ultrasound shows the existence of “a big lesion. Still on the shoulder. My summer is officially over.”

Back to the infirmary. Rebelote for five to six weeks of care. “In my seven-year career, this is the first time that I have had a string of injuries in this way.” So much so that the resumption of the French championship came a little too quickly. “Let’s say I was ready but my back is still sensitive. The coach also made me play very little in the first game of the season. Logical.” Daryl Bultor is nonetheless a philosopher. “Injuries can affect anyone. We can’t do anything about it. We have to deal with them.”

Guadeloupean Daryl Bultor, 2021 Olympic champion with the French volleyball team.


A year after the coronation of the Blues in Tokyo, the existence of Daryl, 26 years old has not really changed. He doesn’t live in a castle. Didn’t buy three sports cars. The fact remains that in the rearview mirror, the images of the Olympic route replay again and again. “It is obvious that this gold medal constitutes one of the most beautiful memories of my life. Especially after our chaotic journey at the start of the competition.” But no fundamental transformation for all that. “The Olympic title did not change our dimension. We remained the same. On the other hand, people expect more from us now. Whatever we do, we are Olympic champions.”

French men’s volleyball is the king of Olympus for another two years. Before ending up at the foot of the mountain. For a new ascent. “I can tell you that within the France group, everyone already has Paris 2024 in mind. We want to keep the Olympic crown. Even if volleyball is not an exact science, we will give everything to go to the end. Once again.”

Guadeloupe volleyball player Daryl Bultor.

Guadeloupean volleyball player Daryl Bultor in full action with his club Tourcoing Lille Métropole.

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For the moment, the Guadeloupean is concentrating on the new season which is starting. Always under the green colors of the Tourcoing Lille Metropolis. Always under the orders of the Franco-Brazilian Mauricio Paes. And always with ambitions. “We have a great team. Very complete. The first objective is to reach the semi-finals of the play-offs. And if there is a bonus, we also take it!”

The Northern club evolves in a land of volleyball. “The Olympics effect was impressive. Last year during the play-offs, our room was always full to bursting. I still have chills.” Except that Daryl Bultor and his teammates will not evolve this season at Léo Lagrange. The room is getting a makeover. the TLM will have to play around. Disabilities ? “Not really. Our home games are transferred to Harnes, Roubaix and Orchies. If we manage to get our bearings quickly, it’s an opportunity to create a great regional enthusiasm. Write a great story. French volleyball needs that.”


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