After the dollar regained its strength, we publish gold price forecasts for the coming period in the jewelers’ shops

Today, Thursday, September 9, 2021, transactions witnessed a slight decline in gold prices, during trading on global stock exchanges, until the price of an ounce fell behind the $1800 barrier. , reaching the level of 92.5 points, according to data published by Bloomberg Agency in its report.

Gold price predictions in the coming period

It is worth noting that the prices of the precious metal rose during trading last Friday, and reached the $1830 barrier, on the back of the US employment data released for the month of August, which disappointed many, which prevented the dollar from regaining its strength again, due to pressures The excess you signed.

Then the precious metal prices returned to decline again, after a period of recently trading in crude, at the same level that was dealt with last week, at a value of 1800 dollars per ounce, which indicates the possibility of price stability in the coming period, in the event that the effects of the spread of the Corona mutator do not worsen. “Delta” between different countries, which may cause investors to move to buy gold, as a safe haven, and thus the prices of the metal move upward.

Gold price predictions in the coming period

Expectations for gold levels to continue at $1800

During the statements made by the investment expert and investment manager at “Advisbol Holding”, Ayman Abu Hind, he revealed that it is expected that gold levels will continue during trading on global stock exchanges in the coming period at the level of 1800 dollars an ounce, without expecting significant increases in the price of the metal as in Previously, if there were no further developments related to the proliferation of the delta mutant.

Abu Hind revealed, during his statements, that the occurrence of more developments regarding the delta axis, may cause the stock exchanges to rise again, against the background of what happened during the past waves of the Corona crisis.

The price of gold in goldsmiths’ shops

The price of gold is directly affected by the price of the metal during transactions in the global stock exchanges, as well as the local market in Egypt. dollar price Against the pound, and according to current market indicators, it is expected that the state of stability in the local market will continue in the coming period, and gold prices locally have gone through a significant decline, as the price of the 21-carat metal fell by 9 pounds, during the transactions that took place at the local market level in the past four days, as The price of 21 karat gold fell to the level of 783 pounds during today’s trading.

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