After the “cannibal”, a second murderer escapes from the Toulouse psychiatric hospital

Four days after “the cannibal of Nouilhan”, another patient from the Marchant psychiatric hospital escaped on Sunday. He is a 48-year-old man, interned after being declared criminally irresponsible after the murder of two people. According to a source close to the investigation, the man born in February 1974, was arrested a few hours later on the road to Seysses at the corner of rue Rimont by BAC police officers. He had time to cover 2.5 kilometers. This time, No casualties were reported.

A “stabilized” patient

The Gérard Marchant hospital center, specializing in the care of psychiatric patients, is a large park surrounded by a fence, on the road to Spain, south of Toulouse.

According to a hospital worker, the 48-year-old patient who was discharged on Sunday evening was “stabilized”, “in open area”, and did not present no particular danger, because he was followed by the medical teams. He apparently wanted to visit patients who live in therapeutic apartments, near the road to Seysses. It was in this area that he was picked up by the police.

The psychiatric hospital unions are concerned about the management of irresponsible criminals, like Jérémy Rimbaud or this 48-year-old man. “How to keep them?” asks a trade unionist, who now believes that the treatment given to these patients is not adequate. With a current functioning which is not satisfactory, between the prison and the hospital.


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