Home sport After the announcement of his resignation, teammates hope to rethink the Brazilian star

After the announcement of his resignation, teammates hope to rethink the Brazilian star

by drbyos

Neymar (29) caused a stir with his announcement that the 2022 World Cup could be his last tournament for Brazil. Now several team-mates jump to his side and hope that the striker can bring himself to continue his national team career after all.

“We forget a lot of what he did on the pitch and focus on things that are not important. He’s putting himself under a lot of pressure,” said Thiago Silva, a close friend of Neymar, before the World Cup qualifier against Uruguay. “I hope he doesn’t lose his joy, he’s a very special boy.”

Before that, Silva was already up Instagram to Neymar and wrote: “If you ever need someone who is strong for you, you should know that I will always be there for you. The Silva family loves you.”

Most recently, Neymar had in the DAZN-Documentary “Neymar and the Line of Kings” surprises by hinting at his imminent withdrawal from the Selecao: “I think this will be my last World Cup. I think so because I don’t know if I still have the strength in my head to continue to deal with football. ”

Until then he will “give everything to be ready for my country”. In the previous two World Cup finals, Neymar and Brazil only made it to the semi-finals and quarter-finals.

In addition to Silva, Fred and Richarlison also expressed their support for the attacker. “We want him to be with us for many years to come. But it’s hard to look someone in the head. Sometimes people are under a lot of pressure. He’s one of the best players there has ever been in Brazil,” said Fred . Richarlison tweeted, “Neymar, if you played in heaven I’d die watching you play.”

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