After publishing a distress video: Security helps a mother restore her child to her nursery in Ain Shams

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Security forces in Cairo managed to return a child to his mother’s custody after she published a video on the communication sites calling for the implementation of a court ruling to return her son to her nursery.

The Ain Shams Police Department of the Cairo Security Directorate has been notified of the decision issued by the Public Prosecution regarding the transfer, accompanied by the Court Execution Assistant

To implement its decision in a custody dispute lawsuit, and hand over the 3-year-old child to his mother, a housewife, “who publishes the aforementioned video clip.” The aforementioned decision could not be implemented because the child was not accompanied by his father in his place of residence.

By conducting investigations and gathering information, it was possible to determine the whereabouts of the child and it was found that he was accompanied by his aunt

Following the legalization of the procedures, the transfer was accompanied by the implementation assistant, and the aforementioned decision was implemented to hand the child over to his mother, without any repercussions.

This is within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to uncover the circumstances of the video clip that was circulated on one of the pages of the social networking site “Facebook”, which includes a woman’s request to implement the decision to hand her over her son.


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