After one house, transfer tax relief card for multi-residents… Agree with the opposition


Opposition and opposition parties are talking about reducing the tax burden not only for those with one house but also for those with multiple houses. The idea is to get multi-family homeowners who are struggling with the transfer tax burden to sell their houses. Experts advise that it is important to release it properly for a short time as long as it does not stimulate speculation.

Reporter Lee Ji-eun reports.


This is an article by multi-homeowners posted on an internet real estate cafe.

“If you make it difficult to have it, shouldn’t you have to sell it?” is a complaint.

Considering the comprehensive real estate tax that will increase next year, I want to sell it, but I am unable to do this or that because of the transfer tax burden of up to 75%.

At this time, the chairman of the ruling party’s policy committee and the senior deputy floor leader took out a card to ease the transfer tax for multi-homeowners.

This is also in line with Candidate Jae-myung Lee’s thoughts.

During the Democratic presidential nomination process, Lee said, “If you have two houses for residential purposes, such as a country cottage, you need to distinguish it from speculation.”

Candidate Lee’s theory is that the holding tax should be raised but the transaction tax should be lowered, as is the trend in major OECD countries.

[이재명/더불어민주당 대선후보 (화면제공: 연합뉴스TV) : (국토보유세는) 양극화 완화 효과가 있는데 지금 우리가 거래세는 내리고 보유세는 올려야 된다고 하는 게 사회적 합의가 돼 있지 않습니까.]

The opposition party proposed easing the transfer tax for multi-homeowners before this.

People’s Strength presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol has announced that he will temporarily cut the transfer tax for multi-family homes by 50%.

Currently, the transfer tax rate of up to 65% for 2 homeowners and 75% for 3 homeowners is applied to multi-homeowners.

Experts advise that it is worth considering a transfer tax cut in the form of exempting heavy taxation with ‘one point’ in order to open a ‘retreat’.

[김인만/김인만부동산경제연구소 대표 : 매물이 안 나오는 게 문제잖아요. 좀 효과적으로 하려면, 매물이 나오게 하려면 내년 6월 또는 내년 말까지 팔면 양도세 중과를 전면 폐지하겠다고 하는 식으로…]

If there are concerns about the stimulus of speculation, there is an opinion that the target for exempting from heavy taxation can be narrowed down to two-family homes that do not have large market profit margins.

However, in this case, it seems that the transfer tax cut is a ‘one point’ for a short period of time, and there is a proviso that it will not be extended any longer.

Otherwise, the number of new multi-homeowners may increase through ‘gap speculation’ with the aim of lowering the transfer tax.

(Video design: Kwak Se-mi / Video graphic: Han Young-joo)

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