After announcing a survey of labor market needs… an official reveals to the youth the details of the project (video) – Al-Shabiba

After announcing a survey of labor market needs… an official reveals to the youth the details of the project (video) – Al-Shabiba

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Huda bin Humaid Al-Shibliyya, Director of the Labor Market Needs Survey Project, said that, based on the lofty thought of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq – may God protect and preserve him – and the translation of Oman’s vision 2040, the Labor Market Needs Survey project in private sector establishments was based on the National Employment Policy, which is one of its objectives. Improving labor market governance and increasing the efficiency of its programs and institutions.

She added, in her interview with Al Shabiba Radio through the “With the Youth” program, that based on the principle of matching the needs of the labor market with the outputs of higher education in the Sultanate of Oman; Therefore, the labor market needs survey project for private sector establishments came to measure and determine the needs and requirements of the labor market in terms of jobs and various skills, and anticipate future needs in light of the industrial revolutions.

She added that the survey project will be conducted every two years and currently targets private sector establishments, and it is hoped that the results of the survey will help decision makers and policy makers to measure and know the size of the labor market and to know the current and future demand for jobs and various skills.

In addition to evaluating employment and finding out the skills gap in the current workforce, the new skills required by the labor market, the growth rates of continuity of private sector establishments, and the obstacles that prevent their continuity, in addition to helping to know the specializations, skills, and jobs that will be unavailable in the current workforce to open the door for recruitment of the expatriate workforce. .

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She explained that the first survey will be launched at the beginning of September 2023 for a period of three months, based on the sample survey by taking a sample at a rate of 3% on the number of 3 thousand private establishments out of 87 thousand establishments, and this sample consists of three layers based on the size of the establishment (small – medium). Large), targeting 18 economic sectors and covering all governorates of the Sultanate of Oman.

She added that a field work team has been formed with 61 members distributed in the various governorates of the Sultanate of Oman, in addition to forming a central team to follow up and supervise the results of the members, and the work mechanism will depend on an electronic link through which data is drawn from the targeted institutions through telephone or field communication.


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