After all the jokes: US government will investigate why…

After years of jokes – and frustration with thousands of customers – the US government is investigating why McFlurry devices are so broken. McDonald’s soft serve ice cream is so often unavailable that alarm bells have gone off at the Federal Trade Commission.

It belongs to McDonald’s like that crazy clown or the Big Mac: the McFlurry machine that broke. They have become so common in the US that they are often laughed at. Someone once made a website – – showing all locations where the device is not active. It turns out that it concerns as much as 10.49% of all branches in the US. If you live in New York, it’s even worse, you can’t get McFlurry in one of the chain’s five hamburger restaurants. McDonald’s itself also joked about it in a tweet and a self-written song about the problem also went viral on TikTok. Just to say: the Americans are awake with their McFlurry.


Love this trend.. ?? #fyp #comedy #funny #mcdonalds

? McDonalds Ice Cream Machine – Dame

But meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission thinks something isn’t right, the Wall Steet Journal reports. The government agency has opened an investigation. For example, the FTC of McDonald’s franchisees would like to know how often the devices are broken. The FTC also suspects that the machines are so complicated that they can only be repaired by the supplier. And that is contrary to the ‘right to repair’.



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