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After a spectacular draw, Vitesse has a chance of overwintering in the Conference League | Football

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If Tottenham wins, Vitesse can still convert with a win. The Arnhem team then has to get rid of the lesser goal difference compared to Tottenham (two goals). In France it was another spectacle. Vitesse threatened to be overrun in the opening phase. Supported by the Breton public, Stade Rennais started stormy. Vitesse helped the home team into the saddle with a big personal mistake. Jacob Rasmussen placed the ball in the build-up between two teammates, creating space for a quick French counter-punch. Gaetan Laborde finished coolly.

For the second consecutive time, an important Vitesse link was missing at the kick-off of a European game due to being late for the match meeting. In London at the away game against Tottenham Hotspur, Lois Openda overslept before the meeting, where Letsch showed himself inexorably and let the Belgian start on the bench. Forewarned counts for two, but the same happened to Eli Dasa in France. Letsch naturally drew a line and that meant that Romaric Yapi started in the starting line-up this time at the expense of Dasa.

Five mutations

On tactical grounds, Thomas Buitink and Nikolai Baden Frederiksen also started on the bench this time, allowing Letsch to strengthen the midfield with Rennes mercenary Yann Gboho and Daan Huisman. Together with Jeroen Houwen and Dominik Oroz, the replacements for the suspended Markus Schubert and Danilho Doekhi, this brought the number of mutations to five.

As with all European duels of Vitesse, it was a vibrant duel in Rennes. That cannot be seen separately from the fighting style of the Arnhemmers, who dare to play football, put pressure on the opponent and take for granted that they also give away some space.

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After the French storm of the opening phase had abated, Vitesse got more grip on the game and there were also some opportunities. Openda loomed several times in front of the goal of Rennes goalkeeper Gomis and the biggest chance was for Oroz, the replacement for Doekhi, who, however, in a promising position, timed completely wrong with a high cross.

Gaetan Laborde (m.) is the great teasing spirit of Vitesse by scoring three times.

Gaetan Laborde (m.) is the great teasing spirit of Vitesse by scoring three times.

In Arnhem, Vitesse had already offered an excellent match to Stade Rennais, the current number 3 in France and a club that has a selection with a market value of more than 200 million euros. And there also seemed to be opportunities at Roazhon Park, but new ball loss in the back line broke Vitesse badly. Sondre Tronstad lost the ball at the back line, after which Laborde again fatally added, bringing his total against Vitesse to four.

No help from VAR

The Arnhem team also had a bit of bad luck, because in the run-up to the goal, the Norwegian assistant referee raised the flag for offside to quickly lower it again. The questionable situation could not be checked by VAR, because that phenomenon is missing in the group stage of the Conference League.

Vitesse had lost it completely and Rennes had the 3-0 on the shoe three times, but substitute goalkeeper Houwen saved twice and Maxi Wittek turned the ball on the goal line on the third French goal attempt. These turned out to be crucial saves, because a little later Huisman scored the connecting goal with a well-placed shot from outside the box. The first international goal of the Huissenaar and in any case his first goal in the main force of Vitesse.

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Thanks to Huisman’s goal just before half-time, Vitesse again had the prospect of a result after the break. Letsch’s team had a strong phase, but Openda, Huisman and Buitink were unable to take advantage of opportunities. The latter had come into the team at half-time for Gboho, who was disappointing against his actual employer in the first half. Mister Conference League, left back Wittek who has already scored four times in Europe this season, also tried his luck, but his hard shot went over the goal of the tall goalkeeper Gomis.

After bringing in some fresh forces, including Kamaldeen Sulemana, still a target of Ajax in the summer, and Belgian international Jeremy Doku, Rennes took charge again and the strong phase was crowned with the 3-1. That goal was also scored by Laborde, who thus signed for the entire production.

In race for first European wintering

But even with a 3-1 deficit, Vitesse did not give up. The Arnhem team continued to fight for a result and somewhat fortunately that resulted in the connecting goal, when the ball happened to hit Buitink’s feet: 3-2. Vitesse then pulled out all the stops to force the equalizer, and it finally came in the 90th minute when Openda scored 3-3 and ensured that Vitesse returned home with a good result and played in the game until the last match day. the race is for the first European winter in club history.

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