After a broken love: Pete Davidson removes Kim Kardashian tattoos

After broken love
Pete Davidson removes Kim Kardashian tattoos

While Travis Barker gets another tattoo in honor of a Kardashian, Pete Davidson wants to get rid of his corresponding tattoos quickly. He has apparently already removed some of the lettering related to ex-girlfriend Kim. But one memory will stay with him.

Pete Davidson is apparently parting with the memories of Kim Kardashian immortalized on his body. The comedian apparently had tattoos removed that he had done in honor of his ex-girlfriend. Photos, available to “People” magazine, showing Pete Davidson shirtless on the beach. It is noticeable that a few letterings related to Kim are missing. The actor and reality actress split in August 2022. They were a couple for about nine months.

The new beach pics are missing three tattoos that previously adorned Pete Davidson’s collarbones. For example, it read “My Girl is a Lawyer” in honor of Kim Kardashian, who passed one of several bar exams in December 2021.

KNSCP and Kim branding

Another tattoo was the sequence of letters KNSCP – the initials of Kim and her children North (9) Saint (7), Chicago (5) and Psalm (3) that she has with Kanye West. Also gone were the names Aladdin and Jasmine, which were associated with an infinity sign. Davidson was referring to the Disney film characters he and his ex portrayed in a skit on Saturday Night Live. On the stage of the comedy show there was the first kiss between him and Kim Kardashian, which was still played at the time.

Another body jewelry, however, will be more difficult to remove. Pete Davidson had Kim Kardashian’s first name burned into his skin. He wanted to set an example because he was removing other tattoos, the 42-year-old reported on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” at the time. The branding of her name should be more permanent. So at least one Kim-shaped scar will remain on Pete Davidson.

It works for Nurse Kourtney

While Davidson, 29, is getting his tattoos removed, his friend Travis Barker is getting a new one in honor of a Kardashian. As the husband of Kim’s older sister Kourtney showed on Instagram, his wife’s eyes now adorn his right thigh. “Oh hello,” he captioned a series of images that included a close-up of the tattoo.

It’s not the first time the Blink 182 drummer has immortalized his sweetheart on his body. Already at the beginning of the relationship he had her first name engraved on his chest. Shortly thereafter, an “I love you” was added on the forearm. Following the October 2021 marriage proposal, Kardashian’s lips were embossed on the inside of his bicep, along with a scorpion to cover up ex-wife Shanna Moakler’s name.


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