Africa Cup, sensational! The Comoros will play without a goalkeeper against Cameroon

Sensational in the Africa Cup of Nations. The Comoros will face Cameroon without the goalkeeper after the CAF’s decision to deny the possibility of using Ali Ahamada, the only one available in the role.

Africa Cup of Nations, Comoros without goalkeeper!

Certainly not good news for the Comorian team, ready to challenge Cameroon in the round of 16 of the competition. An outfield player must play in goal for the entire match, due to the unavailability of all three goalkeepers. A paradoxical situation, and the full name was taken to understand who will adapt to the particular role for a day.

Africa Cup, the reasons for the exclusion of goalkeepers

Inevitably it is always Covid that gets a hand in it. Two of the three goalkeepers of the African national team are positive for Covid, while the only one available, Ali Ahamada, although negativized, will not be able to play anyway. This is because the CAF imposed 5 days of isolation on those who were positive. The former Toulouse will not even be able to go to the stadium, and therefore the revelation team of the tournament will have to look for yet another miracle, trying to overtake one of the favorites of the tournament without a regular goalkeeper.


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