Afghan mothers unite to make the Taliban go into a frenzy, apparently not afraid of being pointed at a gun right in the face

Sosok.ID – A new government has been formed by the group Taliban which has now mastered Afghanistan in full.

It’s no longer a secret group Taliban have the view that women should not have much role in all fields.

It doesn’t stop there, the government that is now held Taliban This makes many people desperate to flee abroad.

Especially for women who are known to be often restrained by groups Taliban so can’t do much.

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It turned out that the threat after threat of using weapons was ignored by women in Afghanistan, making them desperate to protest.

Because when it first came to power in Afghanistan in the 1990s, the Taliban forced women to stay at home and could not study or work.

But now the Afghan women are resisting and protesting.

But again and again, the Taliban acted that silenced the women.

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Reported from On Thursday (9/9/2021), Afghan women said they were locked up in the basement of a bank to prevent them from protesting in Kabul.

Angry protesters took to the streets of the capital on Tuesday after the leader of the anti-Taliban resistance called for a “national uprising” against the militant group the day before.

Even the protesters were not afraid when M-16 rifles were pointed at their faces.

Then suddenly appeared a video recording from a cellphone showing a woman in an underground parking lot.

Seen the women and some children gathered in the same place.

Miraqa Popal, head of news at Afghanistan’s Tolo News outlet, shared the clip on Twitter, writing that several eyewitnesses said the women were being held at Kabul’s Azizi Bank.

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The goal is to prevent them from joining the protesters.

Some anti-Taliban protesters in Kabul are demanding women’s rights, jobs and freedom of movement.

Then Taliban fighters fired into the air to disperse the protesters and reportedly made several arrests.

The Tolo cameraman sent to film the protest was detained but has since been released, according to Popal. The BBC is also prohibited from recording the protests.

Since the Taliban took power, many services have collapsed.

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For example people cannot withdraw money because banks have been closed and ATMs have been emptied since the Taliban victory.

The United Nations has warned that food stocks could run low by the end of the month as the country faces an economic crisis.

Ramiz Alakbarov, the UN’s deputy special representative for Afghanistan, said that a third of the population was already starving.

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“More than half of the children Afghanistan don’t know if they will have dinner tonight or not,” Alakbarov told a news conference last Wednesday.

Economy Afghanistan fell apart after the West withdrew funds following the fall of the government last month.

Washington and international agencies such as the World Bank cut off aid, and Taliban unable to access approximately 9 billion US Dollars of treasury reserves held in foreign currencies overseas.

As a result prices for basic necessities such as milk and flour have skyrocketed, fueling fears of runaway inflation. (*)


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