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With the car tax is no joke. However, the deadline of October 31st can lead to some errors. Here are all the ones not to do.

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October 31 is around the corner. And it is good to remember that it will correspond to an important deadline such as that of the car tax. A tax that will have to be paid, which will not allow for further exceptions to those set in time of a pandemic. No way to escape it, unless reference is made to outstanding debts returned to the cancellation of the old tax bills (2000-2010), which will fall on the same day. Hand to the wallet, then: at the end of the month the deadline to pay the car tax will also fall.

But be careful, because making mistakes is easy. The payment methods are in fact standardized and paying attention to everything you read online is not convenient. On October 31, in fact, he will have to get busy who will have the tax expired in September. For the balance, in fact, there is time until the end of the month following that of the expiry. The automatic cancellation, which as mentioned falls in correspondence with the deadline, must not be misleading. There will be no revisions of tax charges in progress, but only of those framed in the period covered by the automatic write-off.

Car tax, everything about the deadline: how and when to pay

The cancellation of the tax bills, therefore, will concern the period 2000-2010 and only for those who have a taxable income not exceeding 30 thousand euros, as well as a debt of no more than 5 thousand euros. We spoke, initially, an enlargement of up to 10 thousand euros but without materializing anything in this sense. For all others, the car tax will be paid regularly and the tax must be paid in order not to incur penalties. The surcharges applied, in fact, will increase in proportion to the delay accumulated in the balance.

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Attention: with three years of abstention from paying the car tax, you could incur in the suspension of the vehicle from registration with the ACI and, finally, in total radiation. Pay attention also to payment methods. The tax must be paid by the end of the month, even if you want to stay close to home: betting shops and tobacconists can be a good solution to speed up the process, but the bank can be fine too, as well as ATMs. Of course, the amount can also be paid at the Aci offices. As this is a regional tax, some administrations may have provided alternative solutions. Lombardy, for example, has ordered the authorization of payment by bank direct debit, with a reduction of 15% of the tariff. A good deal.

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