advances 9 September 2021, episode plot

Advances episode of the Turkish soap Brave and beautiful from Thursday 9 September 2021:

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At the annual Korludag fair, Adalet asks Mihriban to let go of her grudge and comply with her husband’s requests, but Mihriban practically teases her.

Between Banu and Bulent the situation returns to calm, meanwhile Cahide accuses Korhan of being the true author of the letters sent by Riza. So the two end up arguing again.

Sirin has prepared a song for the fair and invites Cesur to attend the performance, but his real purpose is for the man to get closer to Suhan.

After spending the afternoon drinking with Kemal, Cesur finally lets himself be convinced: Suhan will take him home and take care of him.

The trial begins against Tahsin, who has been accused of the murder of Fugen. But during the trial Cesur must honestly admit that he cannot say that he saw Tahsin kill his mother.

Tahsin, given the lack of evidence, is released. But Cesur, despite his deposition, is still convinced that it was his rival who killed Mum Fugen, so he kidnaps him to force him to tell him the complete truth. As Tahsin is about to speak, someone shoots and hits him.

Tahsin, after being shot, undergoes an emergency operation and, as soon as he recovers, he asks Suhan to divorce Cesur. Suhan promises him that she will obey but only if he confesses to Cesur the whole truth about his father’s death.

Hulya still follows Cahide everywhere and gets to meet her the next day.

Prosecutor Serhat announces to Cesur that Tahsin Korludag has filed a complaint and also asked for a restraining order, which is why from now on he will not be able to approach or speak with him.

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