Adobe Lightroom Corrupt Files Solution

After a new update of Adobe Lightroom in the summer of 2021, Lightroom has had problems in my case. See online that more people have been affected by the same thing. I managed to find a solution and share it here.

The problem occurred after an update, but since I’m not sure which one, I’m just entering the summer of 2021. The problem is that image files were suddenly corrupt when importing into Lightroom (LR). It is hardware I trust but of course thought that some part of the hardware chain has given up. Bought a new hard drive, new CF card and new card reader. But the problem persisted. Thus, not the hardware that was wrong, but the software. In this case Adobe Lightroom Classic version 10.4.

When you look at the file in the folder on the hard disk, the image is displayed correctly. When you open it with the Windows photo app, the image is displayed correctly. But when you open the file with one of Adobe’s programs, the file is corrupt, both LR, Photoshop and Camera Raw. The problem is that Adobe has saved a corrupt preview and it is the one that “overrides” when opening the file, regardless of which Adobe program. It is not enough to update the Adobe apps because the bug remains and interferes. It is also not enough to clean delete the folder with the corrupt files from LR and re-import the folder as the files continue to become corrupt.

1) Clean up LR – Back up existing LR directory (directory in this case means the whole LR incl templates etc and not just a folder. A box is usually displayed when you turn off LR who asks if you want to back up, do it) . Close LR. Uninstall LR, preferably via Adobe. Shut down or restart the computer.
2) New installation LR – Open the Adobe app and install LR again, LR will automatically connect with the last backup, ie the one you just did.
3) Clean up corrupt previews – Open LR, delete folder with corrupt files (only delete folder from LR, not from hard disk, CF card etc). Make a new backup (which this time does not contain the corrupt parts). Close LR. Discard the first backup. Empty the trashcan. Now all traces of the corrupt previews are gone. Re-import the folder to LR. Now there will be correct previews and everything works as it should in all Adobe programs.

Guess Adobe will soon come up with a new update that addresses this bug, but also sees online that this particular error occurred several times in previous years, so it seems to be a recurring bug.

For information, I initially tried to do only what I describe in step 3, to clean the folder with corrupt files, but it did not solve the problem. Somewhere the bug remained and disturbed, so it was only after uninstalling and re-installing the program and then cleaning that the problem was solved.


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