Adele thrills her fans with a new music video

The fact that Adele did a lot of advertising last week seems to have paid off. As soon as the music video is out, the click numbers skyrocket. On YouTube alone, the clip was viewed over 7 million times within a few hours. “The voice, the talent and the creativity. It’s all there. Wonderfully done “,” Oh my God … Adele is perfection “and” So much love for this music video, the inclusivity, the make-up and the hair, the fashion, the arrangements and of course the song itself “, is the first feedback from Fans.

“On ‘Oh My God’ I worked again with Sam Brown, who directed the video for ‘Rolling In The Deep’. Working together again a decade later was nostalgic to say the least, ”he says the slim Adele on her Instagram profile: “The attention to detail on the part of the crew was almost funny – thank you very much for your patience and for getting it all off the ground, it was a lot of fun.” Only with the big one Python on set, she found it a little difficult and ran away at the first sight of the snake. In the music video there is absolutely nothing of her fear to be seen – just a real professional! (dga)


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