Adele: She’s talking about a wedding!

Adele (33) is happy and everyone can see it! In 2019, she and her ex-husband Simon Konecki (47), with whom she has son Angelo (9), separated. The divorce in 2021. Hard years lie behind the singer. She came to terms with the end of their marriage, lost 50 kilos and now after six years brought out her new album “30”. Some of the new songs revolve around their broken marriage. About her transformation during the divorce, Adele said: “When I realized that I had to work a lot on myself, I stopped drinking and did a lot of sports.” And the 33-year-old doesn’t say a bad word about ex-husband Simon Konecki, her son’s father, on the contrary. “I think he probably saved my life.” Her relationship and their child gave her stability, especially when she was young and “a little lost”. Even today she would trust him with her life, Adele said. So a divorce goes without a war of roses.

In the meantime, the musician has given away her heart again – and it could get serious!

You can see Adele’s wow appearance in the leather look on the side of her boyfriend in the video above.

Is Adele marrying her new boyfriend, Rich Paul?

Sports manager Rich Paul (39) is the new man by her side. After rumors about the two of them for a long time, there are now again and again cute couple appearances like in the fall at a basketball game at the Staples Center in LA (see video above). In an interview with “SiriusXM Radio” the “Easy on me” interpreter talked about marriage. Your words make you sit up and take notice! She missed being married, she said in an interview. The fact that her first marriage failed does not mean that she could not imagine another marriage.

“I am now definitely open to a new marriage again. The feeling of being married was the safest feeling I have ever had in my life. Unfortunately, it didn’t last the first time, but I miss being married. ” She also explains that it wasn’t forever with her ex-husband. In the single “Easy On Me” she sings that she was too young to have such a serious relationship. But now she seems ripe and ready.

Marriage and another child! Adele talks about her future

And with Rich Paul, she seems to be able to imagine more than just marriage, as she told US talk legend Oprah Winfrey (67). She enthuses, “It’s my first time in a relationship where I can love myself. I can love and allow myself to be loved by someone else.” The mother of a son can even imagine more children. “I’m definitely open to it. I would like to have more children. But it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t have any more. I have Angelo,” said a happy, beaming Adele. We are excited to see what will bring in 2022 …

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