Adele Postpones Las Vegas Stay Due to Covid in Instagram Message – Mac Pro Tricks

“It’s embarrassing,” Adele said as she revealed in a tear-stained Instagram video that she’s had to postpone all of her Las Vegas shows.

British born easy for me The singer pushed back her exclusive new stay at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace just 24 hours before opening night.

“I’m so sorry but my offer isn’t ready yet,” she said in the video posted to Instagram on Thursday.

The artist said all shows will be postponed, blaming it on “shipping delays and Covid”.

“We have tried absolutely everything to get it together in time for it to be good enough for you, but we have been absolutely devastated by the delays in delivery and by Covid,” she said.

“Half the staff and my team are and still are with Covid and it was impossible to finish the show.

“I’m frustrated – sorry it’s last minute, we’ve been trying for over 30 hours to figure it out and we’ve run out of time.

“I am so upset and really embarrassed and so sorry for everyone who has travelled [to the show]. I’m really very sorry.”

She added: “We will be rescheduling all dates now we are at that time.

“I’m going to finish my show and put it where it’s supposed to be. We had a lot and he wasn’t ready. I’m really sorry.”

Las Vegas Weekends with Adele The residency was announced in November and was set to have two shows every weekend through April 16, 2022.

Its fans snagged 100,000 tickets in six hours when it went on sale in December, averaging an average gross profit per show of US$2.2million (£1.6million).

Ticket prices ranged from $85 to $600 for the balcony and $860 to $5,000 for the 4,200-seat lower section.


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