Adèle Exarchopoulos: “We all believe a little in a form of magic”

No need to introduce Adele Exarchopoulos, but the actress proves with “The Five Devils” that she has not finished surprising us.

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Why did you choose to play in “The Five Devils”, this love story built like a thriller imbued with kitsch and magic?

I know Léa’s work well (Mysius, the director, editor’s note) and I find it very playful. I expected a shoot where the actors are invited to participate, to give their opinion. When I met her, I realized that she was a very simple person. A bit like Quentin Dupieux (the director of “Mandibles” and “Smoking makes you cough”, in which we find her, Ed), Léa has the gift of telling incredible stories as if it were something very banal. It’s rare to come across such an intimate story in a completely fantastic setting, with magic on the screen. And I’m super-touched by his relationship to the body, his way of filming it and approaching it.

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