Adèle confides in the release of “30”, her new album

CONFIDENCES – After five years of silence, the British singer Adèle recounts her anxieties, her divorce, her therapy and her weight loss, in an interview-confession before the release of her new album “30”.

Her last interview was in 2016. Coming out of her life as a “recluse”, in her own words, the pop diva allergic to celebrity makes her comeback in a double interview with the British and American editions ofVogue.

“I have to prepare to be famous again, which as everyone knows I don’t like to be,” she told the famous fashion magazine.

The Londoner exiled in Los Angeles (United States) talks about the difficulties that marked her passage in her thirties and contributed to forging her opus, the release date of which is not known.

“At 30, my life collapsed without warning,” recalls Adèle, 33 years old. “I feel like this album is self-destruction, then self-reflection and self-redemption”.

She talks about her breakup with her husband Simon Konecki, the founder of a charitable organization, from which she separated in April 2019. “It didn’t suit me anymore. (…) I was not unhappy, but I would have been unhappy if I hadn’t thought of myself first. ”

Anxiety and sport

It is to answer the many questions of his son Angelo, soon to be 9 years old, about this divorce, and the injury it inflicted on him, that this new very personal album was born in particular.

“My son has a lot of questions. Really good questions, really innocent questions, for which I don’t have an answer ”, like” ‘Why can’t you live together?’ ”, Explains the singer of the hits“ Someone Like You ”and“ Hello ”.

“I just felt that I wanted to explain to him, with this album, for when he is older, who I am and why I voluntarily chose to dismantle his whole life in the pursuit of my own happiness”, adds -she.

The lyrics of his songs thus change perspective. “I realized I was the problem,” she explains. “Because every other album was’ You did this! You did that! ‘”, But“ maybe it’s me! ”.

Prone to anxiety, Adèle has found appeasement thanks to “a lot of therapy” and meditation in particular. Raised by her mother, she reconciled with her father Mark Evans, a Welsh plumber, shortly before her death from cancer last May.

She also finds salvation in sport: she becomes addicted, exercises “two or three times a day” and melts around 45 kilos. “It was never about losing weight, it was about getting strong and giving myself as much time as possible each day away from my phone”.

Love and music

The 15 Grammy Award-winning singer has confirmed she has been in a relationship with U.S. sports agent Rich Paul since the start of the year. With him, she does not feel “nervous or anxious or exhausted”.

Speaking openly about her lover is an unprecedented step for Adele, reluctant to fame to the point of having considered turning her back on the music industry. She remembers writing to her manager: “It’s not really for me. That’s not why I like music ”.

“I really became famous when Amy Winehouse passed away,” she continues of her compatriot who was a source of inspiration. “And we watched her die in front of our eyes”, she adds, saying that she was also afraid of losing control, she who “always had a very close relationship with alcohol”.

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