Adele admits to hating fame

Adele credit:Bang Showbiz

Adele is not a big fan of fame. The 33-year-old singer may be one of the most famous artists in the world, but she does not hide that her notoriety is not the preferred aspect of her career.

During an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1, the “Easy On Me” singer explained about her upcoming album “30”: “I don’t like being a celebrity at all … and this album is a way for me to tell my story. “

The star also thinks it’s important for other artists to hear her new record.

“I did it all on my own,” she said. “If I have to thank anybody, it’s me. Because I’ve been really, really dedicated to myself. And yes, I think it’s just as important that other artists hear this album, these artists as the we encourage not to see the value of their art, these artists who are told that their records must absolutely be a hit. Because that is not that, an artist. And I know a few who feel that way. pressure to always do something. I just wanted to remind them that they don’t have to be in the spotlight all the time. And you can write with your guts too, if you want. So yeah, c ‘This is really, really my album. I don’t think I’ll ever say, “There it is, yours.” Never. “


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