Activision Hires UK Royal Family Lawyer for CMA Appeal

Activision Hires UK Royal Family Lawyer for CMA Appeal

The issue of the purchase of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft does not stop heating up. If a few days ago we knew that the Redmond company had chosen to hire a prestigious lawyer, Activision has not been left behind. On this occasion, the person in charge of sagas such as Call of Duty or Diablo has hired a lawyer who has represented Elizabeth II herself.

The Queen has not been the only one who has been represented by Lord David PannickBoris Johnson and Manchester City have also passed through his hands. This could give a brutal turn to the decision made by the CMA, which decided to block the purchase of the game in the cloud. From that moment there were many people who already saw an appeal won, since that reason does not seem sufficient.

Activision-Blizzard brings out all the artillery against the CMA

This renowned lawyer He handles more than 150 important cases that have taken place in the UK Supreme Court and of course, in the European Courts as well. It seems that Activision wants to go with everything and as we have told you before, it seems that this makes things very expensive. For adults, remember that the European Commission would be in favor of making the purchase official.

As you have been able to read just above these lines, Florian Mueller You have given us quite a bit of information about Lord David Pannick. Perhaps for him, this is a relatively simple case, now he just needs to know how everything will end. But the truth, it seems that the CMA begins to find itself against the ropes, what do you think? Activision and Microsoft are doing things very restrained so that everything goes without any problem.

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