Accused of being behind the cancellation of Beyoncé’s 2nd concert, Valérie Pécresse responds and guns down the singer’s producer: “Next time, we’ll have to choose better!” – VIDEO

For several hours, Valérie Pécresse has been at the center of many criticisms from Beyoncé fans. On May 26, the American singer will perform at the Stade de France and on June 11 at the Vélodrome in Marseille.

A second date could have been scheduled in the capital, but the producer of the American star gave up because of the work taking place on the RER line which serves the Stade de France.

“The work carried out on line B of the RER requires the interruption of train traffic, during the day, in the evening and during certain weekends between January and May 2023”, indicated the SNCF to discuss line B of the RER.

“Even Beyoncé is struck by the incompetence of Pécresse what it is strong”, declared a surfer on Twitter. Another launches: “It’s because of Pécresse that we don’t have a second date from Beyoncé, I’m going to freak out”.

Accused of being the cause of the cancellation of Beyoncé’s 2nd concert, Valérie Pécresse spoke at midday on her Instagram account. “It seems that it’s my fault. I’m going to rectify things and say it clearly: I had nothing to do with it! I have a broad back but must not be kidded. The SNCF work dates are known two years in advance. All event professionals know that,” she said.

And to add: “If the producer of Beyoncé made a mistake and put tickets on sale on a date that was impossible, it’s his fault. We must not discard on the others (…) The next time, we will have to hire a producer who will check that the stadium is available on the right date”.


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