Academy of Medicine warns that there are no authorized vaccines for children under 12 years of age

In a statement, the National Academy of Medicine (ANM) confirmed that There are no COVID-19 vaccines licensed for children under 12 years of age. This announcement was made within the framework of the “safe back to school” promoted by the Maduro administration.

Last Thursday, September 2, through its website, the ANM published a statement on the vaccination of children from 3 to 18 years. Similarly, the document indicates that its purpose is to clear the “doubts in the community.”

To date, there is no vaccine against CoviD authorized by any serious regulatory body for children under 12 years of age.“, said the statement. Subsequently, the vaccines of Pfizer and Modern as the only ones approved for use from the age of 12; however these must be maintained between -50 and -80 ° degrees, “a type of cold chain that is not available in Venezuela.”

This report contrasts a recent announcement by the executive vice president of the Maduro administration, Delcy Rodríguez, about the return to the classroom. “We are going to an expansion process to have a safe return to classes in the month of October, as announced by President Nicolás Maduro, “said Rodríguez. However, the medical union has doubts due precisely to the inability to immunize large numbers of children that they would have face-to-face classes again.


Later, in the statement from the Academy of Medicine, the guidelines to follow for the so-called “Safe Back to School”. It should be noted that some of these guidelines are far from the actual conditions present in the country, which have affected the development of online classes during the pandemic.

  • Vaccinate staff teachers, employees and workers of educational institutions
  • Vaccinate students with biologicals approved according to international regulations
  • Count on operational toilets, which should include permanent soap and water
  • Have alcohol-gel for hand hygiene at different points of the campuses
  • Supply new masks to all those attending the campuses, daily
  • Reduce capacity in classrooms with partial attendance hours
  • The groups of students that correspond to be at home they should have quality computer equipment and internet, as well as fulfilling this premise for teachers.

Statement from the National Academy of Medicine on Vaccination of Children and “Safe Back to School”


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