“Abu” presents “Tickling” from the album “Faraq Al-Alla” “Video”

“Abu” presents “Tickling” from the album “Faraq Al-Alla” “Video”

The artist “Abu” shared his latest lyrical work, “Tickling”, from the album Faraq Ala All, through his official account on the YouTube video site, during the past few hours, as it is his second work in the summer of 2023.

Abu poses “tickle”

And it was Abu He promoted, through his official account on the “Instagram” website, for the release of the song “Tickle” by publishing the promotional clip for it, and commented on it, saying: “Tickle tickle tickle, we brought it from under our tarnished lips. Now listen to the tickle song, song No. 2 from the album Faraq Ali All on all listening platforms.” .

The song “Tickling” from the album Faraq Ala Al Kol is written by the poet Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by Abu, arranged by Rami Samir, mix and master by Khaled Sanad, and musical breaks by Rami Samir.

Lyrics of “Tickle”

And the lyrics of the song “Tickling” include: “For those who said we have no place, and for those who closed the gates so that we could get lost, and they abused us, for those who slandered us with words, and for those who did not care even about alo, and leave us alone for those who lived in conflict, and for those who gave them a headache. We performed Gina, the one who caught us in a race, and the one who got us into a quarrel with him, and we remembered him, and the other one, that when he saw us in an exam, he needed us why.

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Earlier, Abu revealed the details of his new album, which he is releasing during the current days, continuing, “by making a new album called Fariq Al-Kul, and downloading the first track of the song Holila.”

Abu said, on the Spotlight program, presented by the media, Sherine Suleiman, broadcast on Sada Al-Balad channel, that he presents all the colors in his new album, in which he cooperates with producer Muhammad Jaber, stressing that it is his first lyrical album and contains 7 songs, and he cooperates in it with a number of poets and composers.

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