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“Above all, we aim for maintenance”

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Friday August 21, 2020 at 2:30 pm -Article written by La Rédaction – React to this article

Anthony Le Tallec, FC Annecy striker, will return to his former club Le Mans this evening for the match of the 1st day of National 1 between the two teams. He confided in West France on this reunion but also on the preparation and the ambitions of the club this season. So he first spoke about Le Mans, confident “Of course, when I saw the calendar, I smiled. Le Mans is my old club with which I flourished in Ligue 1. It matters a lot for me so for sure it will make me a little weird but I can’t wait to get back into competition. ” And he ensures that this match will be like the others, despite it being a clash between a promoted from N2 (Annecy) and a relegated from Ligue 2 (Le Mans). He explained “It’s a match like any other. We know very well that Le Mans is under reconstruction. The first matches are not easy for everyone because we have to create automatisms. We will have to win tomorrow (tonight ) to get in the National’s bath. Or, at the very least, not to lose. “

“It’s still football”

He then spoke about his preparation, disrupted by COVID-19, and said “At one point, we thought we were touched because we had played against a Swiss team that had positive cases. The club quarantined us. . We got tested twice and everyone was negative. ” And concerning the relocated match, he relativized by explaining “It is true that it is not easy but we must remain united. As we have a good group to listen, I think we will succeed in s’ Of course, we would prefer to play in our stadium where we have our haunts but we must not have any excuses. With everything going on in the world today, it’s nothing at all. rest of football. ” Finally, he spoke about the ambitions of the Haut-Savoyard club for the coming year and confided “Above all, we aim for maintenance. I think that will be the objective of most of the teams, compared to what happened with the Covid. I know that a lot of teams are also affected by injuries. For now, the watchword is to keep up as quickly as possible. We are promoted and the club cannot I do not know this level yet. However, I hope that it will last at this level because it must be in National or Ligue 2 in the years to come. “

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